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The CM5000 can extend the reach of TETRA systems. The leading provider of TETRA Gateway/Repeater technology, enhances TETRA radio performance and usability in locations where coverage is compromised


Features and Benefits

Multiple operating modes delivering powerful

TETRA mobile services

• Standard 5W TETRA Mobile
• DMO Gateway, extending network coverage
• DMO Repeater, enhancing Direct Mode performance
 Proven capability & feature set
• Enhanced Data Performance
• Multi-slot packet data provides rapid access to information

Integrated GPS option

• Enhance efficiency through ability to locate resources
• Locate users in need of assistance
Common User Interface

• Common keys and menu structures as other Motorola TETRA terminals
• Simplifies user training
Comprehensive, flexible installation options

• DIN Compatible, available in dash mount and Remote Head
Common accessory portfolio

• Shared accessories with other Motorola mobile platforms

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions H x W x D (dash and desk)
65 x 190 x 187 mm
Dimensions H x W x D (radio chassis only)
44 x 168 x 163 mm


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