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Charging Accessories

Choose from the tri-chemistry single/multi unit charger to the sophisticated 6-slot battery maintenance system that provides battery health diagnostic and re-conditioning capabilities.



Utilise an enhanced charging algorithm that helps maximise the life of your batteries. Compatible with NiCd, NiMH and Lilon batteries. Nickel-based batteries will be fully charged in approximately 90 minutes (depending on battery capacity). Full charging of Lilon batteries may take approximately 3 hours. Allows battery only or radio/battery combination charging.


PMTN4024 Single Unit Rapid Charger   110V – US plug

PMTN4025 Single Unit Rapid Charger   230V – Euro plug

PMTN4026 Single Unit Rapid Charger    230V – UK plug



Utilise enhanced pulse charging interpersed with regular discharge pulse current to minimise “memory-effect” and overheating of NiCd and NiMH batteries. A standard capacity battery takes approximately 90 minutes for a full charge. Pulse maintenance charging after a full charge maintains peak capacity for the battery.



Choose also from the four slot multi-conditioning chargers that utilises regular pulse current to minimise “memory-effect” and overheating of Nickel-based batteries. Full charging in approximately 90 minutes. Batteries must be removed from radios to perform conditioning charging since radio contacts must be used.



The impres smart energy system ensures maximum talk-time and optimized battery cycle life through the use of its advanced charging algorithm and automatic reconditioning features. The smart energy system reconditions impres batteries when they need it, automatically, keeping them in peak condition. Its advanced conditioning features allow batteries to be safely left on the charger for extended periods of time without incurring the damaging heat build-up which can rob batteries of cycle life.

In addition, batteries left on the charger are kept fully charged so they are always ready when you need them. The impres system reconditions batteries when they need it based on their usage pattern. Talk time and cycle life are optimized and the need for manual maintenance programs eliminated. Although complete smart features are realised only when using impres batteries and chargers together, impres chargers can also handle legacy batteries; in fact, the multi-unit chargers can simultaneously charge legacy and impres batteries.



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