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Motorola provides a full range of accessories like batteries, chargers, headsets, speakers and more to help you communicate with the rest of your team.

Turn your professional radio system into a complete communications solution.Adding the proper accessories enhances the utility and productivity of your 2-way radio. Each Motorola original accessory ensures peak performance to match the standards you demand.


Radio accessories Supplier in Cambodia, Laos & Singapore

TCE walk with the latest technology that is best suited and human friendly. We ensure our clients with quality work done to meet the needs of every citizen. We also believe in keeping our environment clean by not utilizing harmful products that would damage our natural surroundings.

Radio accessories Cambodia is best suited for personal approach especially cost is reasonable that allow your pocket. It’s easy to access with fine quality of voice that is being produced while operating. We measure its each phrase very strictly so that there comes no difficulty while operating. TCE ensure every client its quality for its accessories and long term use. There’s never being negative feedback that would bring shock. We’ve worked hard in each and every for better outcomes each time.

We have our distributions all across Singapore, Cambodia and Laos.  Radio accessories in Laos have huge supply that brings a revolution in the market for the need of radio and other handy devices. It’s easy to rely upon others but hard to prove. So in that case you can choose our product and available services that would seriously be in accuracy as per your suggestions or agreement in case of bulk orders.

Our professionals are very sincere and hard labored who complete their responsibilities with pleasure and within given time frame.

Our products are well equipped and reliable with time and ease. We serve quality and try to maintain that at any cost. We have a strong place in the market that makes us a brand.


Motorola original batteries are available in a variety of chemistries and capacities, designed to work hand-in- hand with your 2-way radios to ensure optimised performance and safety for your business.
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Charging Accessories    
Designed to work as a total system with the 2-way radio and battery, Motorola original chargers maximise the battery life and keep batteries in tiptop condition.
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Audio Accessories    
Motorola’s range of audio accessories integrates perfectly with the radio to provide a personalised two-way radio solution. Built to highest quality standards, Motorola accessories are specially engineered to ensure maximum performance of your radio
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For moderate/noisy environments in high activity operations, the headset is designed to secure firmly on the head, an ideal companion for your handsfree needs. Choose from the light weight headsets that are suitable for use in low noise environment to the heavy duty headsets equipped with hearing protection.
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Carrying Accessories    
Carrying accessories are available in varying sizes and materials designed to suit your operational needs. Use them together with the other accessories for added convenience and hands-free mobility. Tested to EME compliance.
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Injection molded for rugged environments. Each antenna is tested and tuned to give maximum power and performance.
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