Technics Communication & Electronics Pte LTd (TCE) supports and supplies two way radios in Singapore to various industries ranging from Pharmaceutical to Oil & Gas and Petrochemical, Hospitality to Private and Government Agencies, etc. TCE is also the appointed as the Value Added Distributor for Motorola Solutions and Vertex Standard.

TCE provides a wide range of product offerings:




Latest Happenings

What is TrboProtect
Is 2 years of warranty sufficient to upkeep your MOTOTRBO Radios in tip top condition?

Fret not, TCE addressed this concern for all our clients by introducing a new extended warranty program to benefit MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Radios Users.
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Introducing TrboSURV
With continuous effort in developing applications for MOTOTRBO™, TrboSURV is another powerful application developed from the use of TCE Control Interface Module.
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