Technics Communication & Electronics Pte LTd (TCE) supports and supplies two way radios in Singapore to various industries ranging from Pharmaceutical to Oil & Gas and Petrochemical, Hospitality to Private and Government Agencies, etc. TCE is also the appointed as the Value Added Distributor for Motorola Solutions and Vertex Standard.

TCE provides a wide range of product offerings:


Motorola Digital Walkie Talkie Suppliers & Distributor in Cambodia, Laos & Singapore

Walkie talkie was invented long back and was mainly used by the military and army. These were the easy mode of communication those days.

TCE is a leading distributor of Walkie talkie products all across Cambodia, Laos and Singapore. Additionally delivery of products to your respective destinations is also possible. Digital walkie talkies are ordered in large amount for their body shape and configuration.

We are also one of the Motorola walkie talkie suppliers in Singapore and other destinations also like Laos and Cambodia where orders are in abundant for the purchase of walkie talkie.

We also provide Motorola radio for rental in Singapore. We deliver radio of analog and digital both configurations. We also provide rental facilities for Motorola radio.

Motorola two way radios are also available with us with very reasonable rental charges and shipping charges.

We are a digital walkie talkie supplier and we go through all its packaging and delivery process in a proper manner. Customers are pleased with the latest style that is improved every time. We never compromise with the quality and work done for making it a brand.

We have a large distribution of walkie talkie in Laos. Walkie talkie in Laos is well known for its quality and timely delivery all across the neighboring countries. We also have a large distribution of digital walkie talkie that it’s best for its configuration and fine voice. Digital walkie talkie Laos is very trendy and has long lasting battery. So they are more used as compared to others. Laos has a well-known brand called Motorola which is the main distributor and inventor of walkie talkie.



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